Objective: Create a lift system that pauses 5 seconds before changing floors.

Operational lift with Player.

Organize the Lift game objects into different sub-objects by creating Floor, Lift_Landing, Lift_Wall & Lift_Penthouse. In the Floor place all the game objects into a new object called Lift_Platform and create a Cube.

Objective: Create modular platforms with working ledge grab.

The Platform Ledge in the fore ground was created from a prefab of the one in the background.

To convert the ledge grab system to a modular design, create two empty game objects, labeled _pointHanging and _pointStand.

Objective: Allow the player to jump from the Sad Idle state using Unity.

Idle jumping animation with character controller movement.

Download the jumping animation from Adobe Mixamo as a FBX for Unity file. Drag the xbot@jumping file into the FBX folder for Man 01 in the Assets folder for the project. Select the animation and on the rig tab change animation type to humanoid and apply, shown below.

Objective: Create an animator with transitions between jumping, falling, hanging and climbing.

Integration of animations for idle, running, jumping, falling, hanging and climbing.

Below is the animator for the game showing the transitions between different animations states. The animator has four different types of parameters. Speed and VertSpeed are floats used to control animation associated with movement on, respectively, the x and y axis. Jump and GrabLedge are Booleans or bools which provide control over binary operations, used when there are multiple entry and exits from the animation. Finally, Climb is a trigger event which is used when there is root animation, i.e. the animation is moving the player.

Objective: Create a ledge grab system using Unity and Mixamo animation.

The ledge grab system consists of a detection cuboid on the Player, Ledge_Grab_Checker, another sensor cuboid on the ledge, Ledge_Checker, and the animation for holding onto the ledge. Begin by downloading the Hanging Idle animation from Mixamo, saving it as a FBX for Unity file. Drag the file into the FBX folder for Man_01, and change the Rig animation type to humanoid, as shown below.

Objective: Add idle, run and jump animations that coordinate with the input.

To begin with download animations from Adobe Mixamo for Sad Idle, Running and Running Jump. Saving them as FBX for Unity files. If the animation provides the option select in place. For games the animation should not be controlling movement. Drag the downloaded FBX files into the Unity FBX folder on your Man_01 asset in the project folder.

Objective: Change the player capsule into a man!

When creating a player, a capsule is the starting point. Name the capsule Player and tag it Player. Add a character controller, deleting the capsule collider, then create and add a C# Player script.

Player component setup.

Assign variables and grab the _controller suing GetComponent in void Start.

Objective: Convert Unity 3D project to Universal Render Pipeline (URP).

All my downloaded assets from GameDevHQ Filebase for my new project are all pink! While pink is a wonderful color, most players want a rainbow of colors in their game. Pink game objects occur when a 3D project tries to render URP assets, as shown below.

URP assets rendered in Unity 3D project.

To upgrade the project to URP open Window > Package Manager. Select Packages: Unity Registry and search for Universal. Install the latest Universal RP or URP package.

Objective: Push box to pad and freeze box on pad turning pad blue.

Player (capsule) pushes Moveable Box on to pad to pad turn blue.

Pressure pads in Unity use physics to move a box onto a pad to trigger some event. The Player has a character controller providing physics from the player to other objects. The Movable_Box needs a rigidbody with gravity to allow it to be pushed. If gravity is unchecked the box will slide with the first tap and keep going. Make sure to check freeze rotation constraints so the box slides. Gravity is needed to generate resistance.

Objective: Using Unity provide the player ability to climb and wall jump.

Player can now climb walls like a gecko.

Two new variables for the player script are needed, shown below.

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