Github branches for Unity project

Objective: Create two new branches for development work: quests and inventory.

In Unity, multiple people are working on the same project, each developing new features for the game. Git branch shows two branches main & dev. The version live to the public is in main whereas a developers version is maintained separately, here dev. One person is to work on adding quests and another to work on the inventory system. To do this create two branches, git branch quests and git branch inventrory. Use switch quests to begin work, checking the active branch using git branch. The * next to quests indicates quests is the active branch, as does the tag at the end of the line. Notice that inventory is misspelled and can be corrected either by deleting, git branch -d inventrory and recreating it with the correct spelling, or by renaming the branch, git branch -m inventrory inventory. Renaming has fewer keystrokes, thus simpler. Switch to the renamed inventory branch using git branch inventory. Eventually, quests and inventory will be merged into dev, and once tested deployed to main.