Unity timeline animation

Objective: Create level complete cutscene animations.

Level completed cut scene for The Great Fleece.

The cut scene above uses Unity timeline to animate several objects including the Actor, Door_Target, Camera_Fade_Alpha, and the UI Canvas.

Complete_timeline for cutscene.

The Actor animation is added to the Complete_Timeline from the + menu to add an animation track. The Actor game object from the Complete_Cutscene is assigned. Using the stacked 3 dots menu the EndLevelCutscene animation clip is assigned to the track. This allows a preview of the actor animation, i.e. Darren, to aid in the timing of the other animations.

Complete_Cutscene game objects.

In this scene, the virtual cameras are not controlled by an animation track, rather by the Cinemachine track using blending. However, animation of a focal target is used to control perspective. The Door_Target is an empty game object and foci for the CM_Door_Shot virtual camera that changes position as the view transitions to the close up shot, CM_CU_Shot. To add these points click on record for the animation track move the white slider to the correct time and change the coordinates of the Door_Target. The will create an event in the timeline, doubling clicking on the track will open the animation window which provides more editing options.

View from CM_Door_Shot showing movement of Door_Target, yellow square.

Similarly, an animation track is added for the Camera_Fade_Alpha, only here the color A value in the image component, see below, is changed, going from 255 to 0 in the first half second and from 0 to 255 in the last one and a half seconds of the animation.

Changing the alpha to fade to black.

The animation track for the Canvas, also changes the color, A value but for the Congrats_Image, Quit_Button and Restart_Button, shown below. All three objects can be selected at once and color A, or alpha, changed from 0 at 4:30 and to 255 at 5:30 seconds in the animation.

This fades in the user interface or UI at the end of the cutscene.

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